Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Project 365 ~ 110


Oh dear. Here's the story. I bought five little boxes of spring bulbs yesterday. Unfortunately I did not have time to get them planted in the afternoon so they waited for me, patiently, in the front yard. As I left for my errands this morning I noticed my sweet little boxes were kissed with dew and anxious to get in the ground. Upon my return home I brought the girls in, made lunch and put Bitty down for nap and headed outside to dig in the dirt. Shocked! My bulbs were gone! Who would STEAL boxes of bulbs. I was so annoyed and flustered I just wandered about the front yard stewing about how dumb it was for people to come into my yard and take my bulbs under my dogs nose...wait. My DOG! Who would risk stealing some bulbs with my dog (while she may be sweet if you know her name, she has a ferocious bark and keeps strangers back from the front door!) guarding the yard from all the foul and dastardly UPS and FedEx men. Now I felt betrayed by my dog and stolen from. I just sat on the front step and sulked about my lovely bulbs, and the ten dollars I'd spent on those little boxes.

From the corner of my eye I noticed my beautiful new mulch I'd laid down had been nosed up by the above mentioned dog. But wait, what was that tucked in with the mulch and dirt? Could it be? No? It is! Crazy Dog buried one of my boxes of bulbs. I scanned the yard and spotted another nosed up spot of grass and bark. It was like an early easter 'egg' hunt just for me from my crazy dog. In the end I found four of the five boxes. The last one she really tucked away!

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  1. That is absolutely hilarious!!!! Oh my goodness... it cracks me up, lol. She is a good hider.