Thursday, March 10, 2011

Project 365 ~ 069

Replaced! Hooray. I picked up my new barbell today. I know to many people it is strange to see someone with their tongue pierced, but I enjoy having it. I have had it pierced for nearly 12 years now, with one short lapse in time when I took it out for a few months. In that time there wasn't a day that I didn't stop suddenly and think, "Oh no I just swallowed my tongue ring! oh no, I forgot I took it out." So after about six months of torture I just went in and had it redone. I was pleased to buy this bar from a new tattoo and piercing place in town here rather than hitting up hot topic or even claire's at the mall. I know it is a small thing but I do like to support the locals when I can. Plus, I'd just saved about twice the amount that it was with my couponing at Target so I was pleased as punch this afternoon! Pictured here is the old bar and ball (that I did not swallow) and the new bar and the two balls that came with it. I cleaned them all in Listerine for about an hour. Minty Fresh.

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