Thursday, January 13, 2011

Project 365 ~ 013

I did two things today that I don't normally do. One I actually appreciated the dog barking at someone coming down the road into the neighborhood, and two I didn't answer the door when someone knocked.

Typically I really hate when the dog barks, it just drives me crazy. She barks at everything and everyone. Car doors closing two houses down, dogs being walked out along the cross street, imaginary passers-by. Today it was a little meat delivery van. I happened to be where I could see out the window when she started frantically barking. I saw that van and I just knew it was a salesman.

So when I heard the knock....and it is a good thing I hadn't quite put Bitty down yet because his POUNDING on the door would have woken her up anyway. I just continued on with my business and left him out there to be barked at by the crazy old dog.