Saturday, January 22, 2011

Project 365 ~ 022*

Excited. It's so silly the things you get excited about once you become a full fledged adult, mom, wife, home owner, budget keeper, grocery shopper, owie fixer, diaper changer, oh...sorry...forgot what I was describing for a minute. ANYWAY. Excitement. Lately I've been couponing again. Mostly at RiteAid, and a little at other stores where there is a steal of a deal, with little mental preparation needed, tonight was a last minute run to rite aid to grab a few more of the deals on things that our family will use up. I went thinking I was just going to get vitamin c gummies and if I was lucky some vitamin D. little did I know I'd get all this:

If you can't tell...that is 8 bags of potato skins (no I didn't clear the shelf, there were plenty left as I was leaving!), 2 light sensetive plug in timer switches, two boxes of Viactiv calcium chews, 2 bottles of Ester-C gummies, 1 "Family" sign, 1 bottle of B complex and 1 bottle of vitamin D. For a grand total of $5.55 OUT OF POCKET! In addition to that you can see my receipt, which has $16 worth of +UP rewards, AND 3 more $1.00 off coupons to use on my next trip. I'd say that was a pretty successful run!

So, exciting. Yeah, that's exciting for this mom, wife, woman.


  1. I would be excited with that grand total too. Great shot.

  2. You rock! That is awesome!