Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Project 365 ~ 025

I was running home from checking on Chicken at the neighbors house when I noticed the beautiful, intensely pink sunset! I was so excited I ran home, grabbed my camera and fought with the screen in D's room and snapped this. By the time I got the dumb screen out and had climbed through the window most of the color had sunk too low to get a really awesome picture. I probably should have taken a picture of myself on the roof...but even I, Supermom, can't make it from the tripod on the ground up to the second story window by the time that timer goes off.

So this is what we get for today.


  1. I love this! Actually, I love that there's so much blue in the sky, because it's a beautiful, almost turquoise shade. The little streaks of red running through the top are really cool, too.

  2. Lovely shot! What a great surprise. :)

  3. ..and I'm "from" WA too! Now in Chicago. (boo!)

  4. I posted above..hope it doesn't come out twice!
    This is a gorgeous shot!!