Sunday, February 6, 2011

January Scavenger Hunt

Unfortunately I didn't get ALL the items listed on the scavenger hunt photographed before the week was up. But I did some and I wanted to get them posted even though it wasn't complete. Hopefully next time I'll get them all!

  1. Something with your initial {either first name or last}
  2. Your favorite drink
  3. Something that represents one of your New Year's Resolutions {or a goal of yours}
  4. Something that represents your pet peeve.
  5. A household chore you dislike
  6. An item that you use every day
  7. Where you store your photography equipment
  8. Opposites
  9. Something cold
  10. Pet picture
  11. Chocolate
  12. Warning label
  13. A ladder
  14. Something New
  15. Something Borrowed
  16. Something Blue
  17. A matchstick
  18. A metal hanger
  19. An egg yolk
  20. A self portrait


  1. Great job! Love Mr. Yuck and Ollie!

  2. I love the blue and chocolate pictures!