Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Project 365 ~ 047

Ms. Jemma.

Every other week Bitty sees a physical therapist. Last January, when she hit 11 months and still wasn't crawling, I took her in to have her evaluated. She qualified for assistance and we started a program with the Birth to Three center. Bit quickly gained new skills with each visit and by the end of summer was walking and learning to run. She now has the stairs mastered, loves to jump and hop and even walks backwards, or in circles, whatever goofy mood she prefers. I'm not entirely sure why we continue to have this bi-monthly visits with the PT but they are enjoyable and encourage her in new milestones by physically and mentally. This week they tried working on trunk strength with that blue 'peanut' ball you see in the background, but Bitty hated that ball and would have none of it. So they worked on puzzles. They were both so proud when the pieces slipped into their place.